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We are UK based designers offering a high-quality graphic design service to businesses and organisations looking for a logo that really communicates their brand message.  We have been creating logos for UK businesses for the last 16 years and have experience in understanding the needs of businesses of all sizes, and developing logos that work.  We recognise that investment in logo design can feel daunting, and for your reassurance we are happy to remove any risk for you: our service includes a satisfaction guarantee - if you do not feel you received value for money and do not wish to use any of your logo concepts we will refund your payment.

A selection of our work...

Much of our creative portfolio remains confidential.  Once we have created a logo we transfer all copyright to the brand owner and would not include your logo in our portfolio unless you gave express permission.  Here is a small selection of examples of our work showing some of the styles we have found popular:


Investing in a new logo or brand identity can be daunting and usually requires a risk - what if you don't like the designer's work? What if they aren't experienced enough to produce a logo suitable for all my needs?  We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our work so you can be reassured that there is no risk to you.  If you have any questions about our service and would like to ask before purchasing please email us.