5 ways to make the most of your creative time

5 ways to make the most of your creative time

Go somewhere new

Take time to get out of your usual working space and in a new environment.  Choose somewhere quiet and without distractions.  If you’re tied to the same room and can’t get away – try clearing the walls and desk and consider redecorating by painting or hanging your favourite artwork.


Bring in an outsider

Consider inviting people outside of your business to your creative meetings.  Encourage their questions and discussion and you may find valuable input coming from a direction you hadn’t previously considered.  We’ve seen businesses include stand-up comedians in their meetings to get the creative juices flowing.  Invite a 9 year old (if you have one handy) and let their inquisitive mind find questions you would never have dreamt of.


Make sure your list is clear

Creativity is hard to find if your mind is thinking about other things.  If you’re planning a creative session try to spend the time building up to it working through to tick as many things as possible off your list.  And for the things you are putting to one side, make a list and compartmentalise your mind by making notes on each item and drawing up an action plan for after your creative time.


Make a start

Sometimes you have so much in your head and don’t have the first idea of where to start.  Grab a notepad and pen or open a new word document and just get writing.  Get it all out and written down as quickly as it comes to you.  It’s much easier to develop those scattered elements (however messy it may appear) and draw them all together gradually than it is to try to create something polished on the first attempt.


Look at what others have done

It could be argued that there are no new ideas, and that everything you see is a development of something else that existed before it.  It is much harder to create an entirely new concept than it is to take inspiration from an existing idea with your own spin.  Be careful and ensure that even if some may draw comparisons between the ideas, you don’t directly copy someone else’s intellectual property.


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