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It's often said that the best form of advertising is a word of mouth referral.  Blurring the boundaries between traditional 'above the line' advertising and PR, it's worth investing a bit of time building brand advocates for your store.


Bloggers can really help to raise awareness of your business, so search for local bloggers, ideally those who fit with your industry, and drop them a line to say hello!  There are bloggers who are just starting out, with a few loyal followers who read their posts, and at the other end of the scale you've got bloggers with millions of followers who wouldn't even read your email unless they were getting paid thousands to do so.  What you're looking for is bloggers who sit somewhere in the middle of that line.  They've got enough followers to make sure their content is well read, but aren't expecting huge payments for their work just yet.  Remember also when considering reach, that a blog with a smaller audience can be a better avenue to pursue if the content is niche and specific to your business, than a blog with bigger numbers which covers a wide range of subjects.


We've worked with many different bloggers covering a wide range of topics and have found that they are an extremely valuable resource for a brand and for very little investment other than a bit of time you can gain some fantastic exposure.


If you're looking for bloggers to reach out to, Twitter is a great place to start your search.

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