Free parking:

A marketing idea for independent retailers

If you have identified the cost of parking as a barrier preventing you from getting new customers through the door, you could consider implementing a free parking scheme for your customers.

Here’s an idea of how it could work for you...


1 -  The customer pays to park nearby and visits your store

2 -  Customer makes a purchase and keeps the receipt from your transaction

3 -  On the customer’s next visit they bring the parking ticket and receipt from last visit

4 -  Customer makes another purchase in your store, and presents the ticket and receipt at the till for a discount on the current transaction


You will need to set limits in place to stop abuse of the system.  Depending on the cost of parking in your town it would make sense to have a limit of £3 or so and only valid when making another purchase of £30 or more, limiting the actual cost to you to a maximum of 10%.


This system has a number of benefits to your business, the greatest of which being that you are creating a perpetual cycle of repeat visits from that customer.  They will always need to return to make another purchase to obtain the parking cost back from their previous visit.   Another fantastic benefit of this scheme is that you are creating a great positive news story for your business, and with the right connections to your local press you should be able to obtain some coverage without the advertising cost.


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