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Much of the content on this site is designed to help you with bringing new customers through the door.  Arguably that’s the hardest part, and it’s easy to assume that once you’ve got a new customer, they’re yours for life.  Unfortunately, that’s often not the case, and there are many factors (some you can control, and some you can’t) which are all working hard to take your lovely customers away from you.


Take a moment to consider the reasons you might lose your customers.  This could be included in your SWOT analysis as part of a broader exercise or simply as an activity with your team where you share ideas.  Separate the list into two columns – factors you can control and factors you can’t.  Spend some time exploring what can be done to control things.


Here are three ideas to help you with customer retention:


Offer great aftersales service

We can try our hardest to ensure everything goes to plan for your customer’s transaction, but sometimes mistakes happen, or circumstances out of your hands affect their experience of your business.  Make sure your customers know that they can get hold of you if there’s a problem.  They want to feel reassured that you care, and not just about the sale.


Collect customer details

If your customers suddenly stopped returning, how would you get in touch with them? How would you know what went wrong? How would you know what to work on to improve things?  Read here about some methods to capture your customers’ contact details.  Build a plan to re-connect with customers who haven’t used your services for 3/6/12 months.  Tell them you miss them and offer them an incentive to return.


Focus on future business

Look at every possible way of setting up the repeat business while you still have the customer in store. Give every customer a leaflet or include message on the bottom of receipts. This doesn’t have to be a discount or promotion, it could be about a new product or service you’re offering.  Most EPoS software will make handling this easy for you.  And if you offer a service like hairdressing or beauty treatments, don’t let your customer leave until they’ve scheduled their next appointment.


Other ideas to help you secure repeat business:

Review your customer journey

Make them feel special

Can subscription models work for you?

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