Establish your identity

Establish your brand identity

How important is your brand identity? They say first impressions count and for good reason.  Having a strong visual identity that is consistent across your business will build trust with potential new customers and help you stand out from your competitors.


It's worth taking time to review your current branding.  Consider asking a selection of people for their honest, candid feedback on your logo and the brand identity of your business in general.  Do you have a consistent colour scheme, font and style to all signage and literature? Is there room to improve on what you have?  Just because you've had your current logo for a certain amount of time does not mean you can't refresh and revamp your identity.  In fact this type of re-launch works great with anniversaries and can help you generate new interest in your business, and can be celebrated with an official re-launch event, which might also be something your local press would be interested in covering too, gaining you a valuable PR feature.


Does your existing logo present your business in the way you feel it should? A great logo will be memorable and demonstrate the values of your offering.  You might be thinking that having a new brand identity will be expensive as it will mean new signage and all this cost will come at once, but this could be a gradual process with any expensive elements staggered to minimise the impact.  It's also worth bearing in mind that if your logo isn't right there's a chance it's losing you potential business and is already costing you far more than you might pay for re-branding.  When it comes to the pricier elements like new signage, you might find suppliers are willing to contribute towards this if you are happy to include their logo or make a commitment to future business.


Paying someone to create a new logo or brand identity for your business requires a leap of faith.  You’re agreeing to a cost based on a potential design, and this might seem quite risky.  What if you don’t like it? A good designer will work with you to develop your branding until you’re totally happy with it.  It’s also an intangible service - and getting value for money can sometimes feel like hard work, but a strong brand identity can work wonders on building confidence in your business.


If you’re interested in having a new logo, brand identity or sub-identity created please click here.

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