9 marketing things independent retailers can do for FREE
Track customers in your retail store

How you can monitor your behavioural patterns and use this information to increase sales and customer satisfaction


Look for opportunities to raise awareness of your business through existing relationships and activities.  Consider these ideas for bringing more customers through the door.


Make sure your entire team is aware of these scams frequently targeted specifically at small businesses and independent retailers just like you.  Be prepared and train staff to protect against fraud.


How can a small business not only compete against but thrive alongside large chain store organisations with a similar offering?


Seven strategies for handling social media complaints

Complaining has come a long way in recent years, and it's now easier for customers to offer feedback than it's ever been.  Read our tips on managing expectations over social media

Do you find customers ask for discounts on products in your store? We overview the logic behind hagglers asking for discount and how to convert these into long term customers.  Continue reading...

8 ways to build customer confidence

Click here to read our 8 steps to building customer confidence in your independent retail business.

Should independent retailers pay for social media followers and fans?

Offers of thousands of followers for just a few quid can be incredibly tempting when starting out on social media.  But is it a good idea?

Could in store music boost your sales?

Have you considered the benefits of playing music in your store? Read our article for help on deciding whether it's right for your business.

5 ways to make the most of your creative time

Do you struggle to clear your head to allow the creativity to flow? Here's 5 quick tips to help you and your team get things moving.

PR for independent retailers

Advice on writing and distributing a press release for your independent retail business.  What to include and why bother.

Spread the love marketing for small businesses

We know that running a small business is all about relationships, and we've looked at ways of getting more customers through the door... Click to read more.

Focus on repeat business

Getting new customers is the hard part, and keeping hold of them is easy, right? Here's three quick tips to ensure you're doing everything you can to maximise customer retention.

5 marketing mistakes you might be making

Here are 5 common marketing mistakes you might be making.  Are you spending enough time planning your marketing activity?  Click to read more.

Questions every small business owner should ask

We recommend that you spend a good chunk of your day asking questions.  Constantly questioning why... Click here to read more.

Make your shop a destination store

Most retail businesses fall into one of two categories.  You’re either a destination store, where customers will purposefully make the journey... Click here to read more.

Email marketing for independent retailers

Our guide to email marketing for independent retailers. How can small business owners create and distribute great looking and effective email newsletters?

Relationship building for independent retailers

Here’s a really strong advantage you have over your corporate chain-store competitors.  You can connect with your customers...  Click to read more.

Use your suppliers to support your marketing plans

Often we work with retailers with very tight budgets for marketing.  This is really common and even if you don't have a budget at all, this doesn't...  Click to read more.

Define your brand proposition

A great exercise to help you define your brand proposition is to spend time writing your mission statement...  Click to read more.

Write an elevator pitch for your small business

You never know when you might need to use this so we would recommend this is something you are prepared...  Click to read more.

Free parking: a marketing idea for independent retailers

If you have identified the cost of parking as a barrier preventing you from getting new customers through the door, you could consider...  Click to read more.

Establish an identity for your small business

How important is your brand identity? Consider asking a selection of people for their honest, candid feedback on your logo...  Click to read more.

The importance of planning your marketing

It can be difficult to break away from serving customers and ordering in stock to give yourself...  Click to read more.

Make the most of your independence

It's awesome being an independent retailer! Embrace your uniqueness and take full advantage of your position in the market....  Click to read more.

Subscription model services for independent retailers

You can buy virtually anything on a subscription model now.  From music and movies to razor blades and socks, and even....  Click to read more.

Build relationships to create brand advocates

It's often said that the best form of advertising is a word of mouth referral.  Blurring the boundaries between....  Click to read more.

Don't lose touch with your customer base

You’ve been working hard to get new customers in your store, and you’re doing everything you can to hold on....  Click to read more.

Make sure new customers can find your small business

We often work with retailers who feel that their location is holding them back.  High street and prime location rents....  Click to read more.

It can often be difficult for a small business to allocate any budget towards marketing, and indeed there are....  Click to read more.

Do you need a website for your independent retail business?

Having a website will help improve your Google rankings significantly, which will....  Click to read more.

Support innovation from your suppliers

As a small business you are able to make quick decisions and take on new stock lines in reaction to news stories or local events.  This....  Click to read more.

Take a fresh look at your business

Add a recurring monthly appointment to your calendar to conduct an audit of your store. Start with a walk....  Click to read more.

Social media for independent retailers

We challenge you to find anyone these days who doesn't use social media to some degree.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram....  Click to read more.

Help with social media content

There are different types of content that you can share as a business, and they work on a scale of pushiness.  At one end you’ve got a...  Click to read more.

Connect with other local businesses

It’s easy to ignore what’s happening around your business as you try to concentrate on what’s going on inside, but connecting with other businesses in your area can have significant effect on your own sales.

Facebook advertising campaigns for independent retailers

Facebook doesn't play fair.  Even if you work hard to build up a fan base, and create a constant stream of engaging content.....  Click to read more.

Boost sales with 'staff favourite' style recommendations

We know that a word of mouth referral is a very powerful thing.  Quite possibly the best marketing tool you can have is your....  Click to read more.

Think outside the box for marketing campaigns

It’s really easy to follow the traditional, tried-and-tested marketing campaigns that your customers will have, no doubt.....  Click to read more.

Take a day off

Schedule some time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.....  Click to read more.

Position your small business as the experts in your field

Some of the most successful independent retailers we’ve met have built up a reputation locally for being known as the expert in their field.  Sure enough.....  Click to read more.

How and why bother with SWOT analysis

Click here to learn more about why you should do a SWOT analysis and to download a template to get started...

Involve your team

We hear time and time again that managing staff is the hardest part of any small business owner's day....  Click to read more.

Mobile marketing is a hugely effective tool for your shop, as it provides an opportunity to engage with your customers and increase sales as you can constantly keep your customers updated on any offers or promotions.

6 ways to get the most from your suppliers
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