Take a day off - blue sky thinking days

Take time out of your business
to plan for the future

If you’re trying to focus on your brand proposition, putting together your elevator pitch or perhaps making an activity plan for the next 12 months, you might find that constant interruptions will severely affect your creative flow and eventually you’ll give up and crack on with something more practical that needs doing right now.   For this reason, we recommend you schedule regular time working away from your business.  Clarity doesn’t often come under intense pressure while multi-tasking. It comes when you have a quiet space to explore your thoughts and plenty of time to think about things in depth or talk these through properly with your team.


Often business owners are just too close to the problems of the day to day to be able to find the solutions their business would benefit from. Taking a step back to review your business from a distance and look at the bigger picture means you’ll be making plans for the future in the most efficient way.


If you're fortunate enough to have a team in place to support day-to-day operations while you take regular days out, that’s great! If not, then you should still try to allocate an occasional day to allow your creative mind to be inspired.  Plan as many activities as you can fit into one day and try to make sure they're as inspiring as possible! Include trips to your competitors, networking events, education / training and even trips to other towns to see what's drawing footfall and engaging consumers.


Take a notepad & pen and make lots of notes, and capture anything on your phone that inspires you!  When you return to your store, share what you've found and encourage ideas on how to implement similar things in your business.


If you have a team in place but feel like you can’t step back, try to implement systems that allow your business to function when you are not there.  Creating clear rules and procedures for as many eventualities as possible will ensure that your team know what to do and spend less time asking you for input.  As your business gets bigger and you are able to increase the size of your team, handing over control of certain elements will be difficult but is an important part of your long term growth.


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