To win new customers,
think outside the box...

It’s really easy to follow the traditional, tried-and-tested marketing campaigns that your customers will have, no doubt, seen before.  Local newspaper advertising, social media campaigns and leaflet drops are all very popular, because as long as they are done well, they are great at bringing new customers in.  But it’s when businesses think outside the box that consumers really notice advertising.  Here are some examples of ideas that are guaranteed to get attention...


A clean idea for advertising your business

There are companies that will create ‘Clean Grafitti’ campaigns, using a stencil of your advert (usually a logo and a short message) and pressure wash over it to use the dirty areas of pavement in your town to create dozens of adverts without using any ink or chemicals.  You might want to check with your local council about whether this is allowed but it has great impact and you can expect your adverts to last about a fortnight depending on pedestrian traffic.


What’s better than a leaflet?

Instead of your team handing out leaflets in the street, try having your message printed onto stickers and placing these on an apple or orange and handing them out to passers by.  It may be that you have access to another low-cost but useful item that you can add your sticker to and distribute for a memorable campaign.


Get a sense of direction

Every town centre has hundreds if not thousands of outdoor media advertising opportunities available.  If you’re looking at one or two sites you can get clever and use it to actually direct people to your store, something unrealistic for organisations handling hundreds of locations.


Consider these options for your next advertising campaigns:

Buses and other transport options - Exterion Media

Billboards and other outdoor media - JCDecaux  / Clearchannel / Primesight

Litter bin advertising - Green Street Media

Clean graffiti and chalk advertising - Reverse Graffiti

Mobile outdoor media (vans, bikes and trailers equipped with billboards) - Gorilla Media

Advertising on cars - Carquids

Printed direct mail - NRG

Local newspapers, magazines and booklets


Some of these options might seem well out of your reach, and the reserve of organisations with huge marketing budgets but it is worth speaking with your suppliers to see if you can get financial support for a campaign. Much of the cost involved with outdoor media comes from the production cost, so if you are able to secure one site for a longer term using the same ad, you will get better value from your investment.


Don't rule out social media advertising, you'd be surprised how targeted and bespoke you can make your campaigns for very little cost.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more interesting marketing ideas.

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