Marketing for Independent Retailers Introduction

Marketing for the independent
retailer: An introduction

Traditional marketing courses will overview ‘the marketing mix’ (Product – Price – Place – Promotion) and although this is a useful approach for many businesses, this is a very detailed approach and it might have you spending time on things that might not be totally relevant for you.


As an independent retailer, using the traditional marketing mix approach will involve spending a significant amount of time looking at factors you aren’t able to control, or have already set in stone for your business model.  Although I appreciate that this might encourage you to make fundamental changes to your business to move forward, I’m more interested in helping you with realistic goals and achievable plans to make your existing business more profitable.  I recommend following a more traditional ‘marketing mix’ course perhaps if you are starting a brand new business and have not yet decided on location for your store or what type of products to sell.  As an established independent retailer you will already have these as a given and my aim is to help you make the most of what you already have.


So if we aren’t looking at marketing from that angle, how exactly are we going to approach this?  Well, a dictionary would define marketing as:


The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.


I appreciate that you are a small organisation and have limited time and resources, and therefore we’re going to move quickly through things and try to make sure that even if you only spend 5 minutes reading this site, you pick up ideas or tools that you can use straight away to improve your business.


Referring again to the traditional ‘marketing mix’, this website largely focuses on ‘promotion’, i.e. getting the word out about your offering, however some elements will cross over into the other three sections.  Getting down to business, let’s look at the goals of marketing, which I like to divide into these sections:


• Getting more customers

• Getting your customers visiting more often

• Getting them spending more money on each visit.

• Making each of those transactions as profitable as possible


And with these goals in mind, I propose the idea that almost everything you do is marketing, and in a small team there will certainly be an element of marketing in everyone's role, regardless of their job title.


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Marketing for Independent Retailers

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